Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Why install a skylight or a sun tunnel on your roof?

Sun Tunnel

I bet you thought this was a light…Nope. Its a sun tunnel.

  • Skylights bring in 2 times the amount of daylight compared to a vertical window
  • We spend 90% of our time indoors
  • Reduce energy consumption and eliminate the need for light switches during the day
  • 2-4 airs from a venting skylight in a day is all it takes to achieve optimum indoor air quality
  • Children’s learning abilities rise by up to 15% if they are in a good indoor climate
  • Create an architectural statement in your home
  • Better indoor air quality is linked to sleeping better

Velux Skylights

Velux Skylight Replacement

If you think skylights leak, it’s time to think again. Velux skylights do not leak. Proven in installation and climates throughout Canada, their exclusive flashing systems will keep you dry and comfortable. Most people that do have issues with skylights either had it installed incorrectly or the skylight has not been replaced past its warranty period. Did I also mention that Optimum Roofing Inc. is a Certified Velux VIP Plus Installer. If you are replacing the shingles on your roof, you should also be replacing your skylight at this time. Your skylight is more then likely past its warranty period. Look below to see the warranty period for current Velux skylights.


Velux Skylight Warranty

20 Years: Parts on seal failure (moisture between glass panes).

10 Years: Parts for defective skylights, roof windows and flashings.

10 Years: Laminated glass with Neat coating and triple pane products on cracking or breakage due to hail


Velux Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnel

Installed by Optimum Roofing Inc. in 2016

Sun tunnels bring light into places where a conventional skylight won’t fit.  It is also a cost effective solution to a skylight with no structural changes to the home.  Sun tunnels bring in natural reflected light into the house and reduces energy consumption. Sun tunnels work best in a space that is under 400 sqft. Bathrooms, closests and hallways are optimal spots to showcase a single sun tunnel but you can always install multiple sun tunnels to accommidate a larger space.

Velux Sun Tunnel Warranty

10 Years: Parts (corrosion and deterioration)


Before & After

Sun Tunnel before

Before with the lights off and door open

Sun Tunnel

After with lights off and door closed